After Frrole, Deck Opens Up And Shares Data. Now It’s Your Turn?

After Frrole’s transparent sharing of company data, Deck founder Sumanth too has shared some useful data about the company.

Transparency : Thinking Out of Box?
Transparency : Thinking Out of Box?
Raised $500K at a pre-money valuation of $2.3 million. Deck had previously secured a convertible note of $100k from Qualcomm by virtue of winning the Qualcomm QPrize and as per the conditions of that investment, it was converted to equity in the seed round at the same rate as the new investment.

“It’s been a year since we closed our seed round. In this period, we have grown to a 30+ member team and have crossed the $50k MRR figure. Approximately half the funding is still in the bank and while we could be profitable if we wanted to, we are currently ticking along at a burn rate of around $10k per month which we are comfortable with.” [from Sumanth’s blogpost]

Now It’s Your Turn

We are inspired by the founders of Frrole and Deck and as a platform that brings founders together, we have put up the form below for founders to share data (anonymously as well). To those who believe in ‘paying it forward’, please use the form below.
We will collate the anonymous data and share the same with fellow founders.

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