Why Deck Raised $600k; Here’s the Plan


Why Deck Raised $600k; Here’s the Plan

Deck App Technologies, the makers of Deck, a nifty mobile app to create presentations on the go, has raised $600,000 in funding from Qualcomm Ventures and angel investors including Hotmail Co-Founder Sabeer Bhatia & Inmobi Co-Founder Amit Gupta*.

The productivity app, which demoed at UnPluggd in June, has more than 300,000 downloads currently. Deck had won the $100,000 Qualcom QPrize in 2012.

So we’ve been saying that its hard for a single app company to raise venture capital. One might wonder how & why then, did Deck raise money? It’s simple. Deck is simply not a single app company anymore. The idea is to reinvent the whole productivity suite for the post PC era!

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So far the company has been experimenting and figuring out how it wants to go further, said Sumanth Raghavendra, the CEO & Founder of Deck. “We raised the money because now we have a clear plan,” he said. And the plan is to take on the whole productivity space with a slew of applications for different use cases. You can look forward to an app a fortnight!


The startup is also taking a fundamentally different approach to this.  Instead of focusing one application which does many things, the idea is to create different applications for specific use cases. Take for instance, Power Point, the presentation application by Microsoft is used by different users in different ways. What if there was an app specifically tailored for a specific use case? Much better.

“We plan to disaggregate all use cases and have separate apps that will work better,” says Sumanth. 

The 18 people stratup, will explore different monetization models including free, paid and freemium versions. Sumanth is particularly excited about subscription based models where you bill the end user periodically for additional features.

Deck’s Launch @UnPluggd

*The current funding development was first reported by TechCrunch.

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