deck launches Web Tool to Make Presentations That Make You Look Good [UnPluggd Demo #1]

deck---lgoA lot of people hate creating presentations and an equal number dread sitting through them. deck, a brand new way to create presentations, comes to the rescue.  It was conceived on the belief that the world needs a better way to present and share ideas and is one of the easiest was to create compelling presentations on any device.

There are iOS and Android apps, but starting today deck will be available on the the browser at

It does away with the factors that make presentations putting off like the speaker reading the text direct, too much text on slides, boring and complex charts and graphics, small text and bad formatting and makes the slides plain and simple.

With deck anyone can create presentations that look good, even if you have no design skills. The presentations can be created on any device or screen and will work on any desktop, the web, smartphones or tablets. Deck makes you look good by helping you avoid common mistakes committed by presenters.

The process of creating a presentation in deck is quite different from any other presentation application already available. It decouples the content creation and slideshow presentation aspects.

You can then use your mobile device to deliver a stunning presentation on the go. At UnPluggd, deck is launching the web/desktop version of the product.

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