Defeating blackout in true Diwali spirit – We are back!

Diwali is celebration of light over darkness and I am glad to announce that we too have defeated the hosting provider blackout in true Diwali spirit. And we are back..back with a bang!

Happy Diwali

Last 4 days have been really weird – we reached a few milestones and also suffered the growing pains.

This 8-month old domain got sooooo many hits (btw – we are a pagerank 5 site now) that our hosting provider pulled the plug on us. And they sort of captivated us by saying “either you upgrade to the next plan or you get lost” – We said “F.O.” to them and changed the provider (..and DNS transfer took close to 40 hours!) and got some temp servers (will shift to a permanent home in another few weeks).

Now that we have defeated the blackout in a true Diwali spirit, we are all set to rock ‘n’ roll with more startup/IndiaBusiness reviews.

Here is wishing “Happy Diwali” to you and your family! May god bless you all!

– Expect some firecrackers from us in the coming days. We have got some real cool stuff lined up!

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