After Deferring Joining Dates, Flipkart Faces Heat From IIM-A

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After Deferring Joining Dates, Flipkart Faces Heat From IIM-A

After informing IIM-A that joining dates of new recruits have been deferred from June to December, e-commerce giant Flipkart received a strong email from the institution asking to guarantee the job.

The company had cited the reason as restructuring for this move.

The letter which was addressed to Chief Executive Officer Binny Bansal, Chief People Officer Nitin Seth and Executive Chairman Sachin Bansal among others, said that the delay should be shortened and also 1.5 lakh as compensation is not acceptable. The company should pay monthly, starting from June, added the letter.

The institution has also asked for a conference call where all the stakeholders can participate and find out a solution with mutual consent.

Other B-schools including IIMCalcutta, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Indore, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, TA Pai Management Institute and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, have also been informed and asked if they would be interested in joining the call.

The e-commerce player has been restructuring its business model with a shift in focus and has been trying to curb cash burn. So far, Flipkart has been a preferred employer with the high packages offered and the strong brand name. But, with the new market scenario Flipkart may halt its aggressive hiring and lower its offerings too.


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  1. Toonbaaz

    I am not sure why they could not understand prevailing market scenario.Each business has it ups & downs. So the IIM & IIT Grads will quit their offers if the company they joined run into rough weather ?

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