What is a startup, by the way?

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Here is wikipedia’s definition:

“A startup company or start-up is a company with a limited operating history. These companies, generally newly created, are in a phase of development and research for markets. They have an uncertain future, and may result in a spectacular success, or failure”.[source]

Like every generic term, I see a need to localize the definition of ‘startup’ term for the Indian market.

As somebody, who has been quite involved in this space (from outside, have been maintaining the startup directory), I really see a different picture:

To me, it’s a basic diff of taking it Part time vs. Full time?, i.e. :

Are you giving it all for this baby of yours? Are you ditching your cushy job and embracing ‘those’ tough times? Do you really believe in this venture?

If not, then you are not a startup (you are a wannapreneur, but still not an entrepreneur.)

I am surprised to see whole lot of entries coming to the Indian startup directory, who are nothing more than casual ideas.

I am surprised to see whole lot of media/events promoting such ‘casualpreneurs’ (term I read in livemint) as entrepreneurs – and in turn, promoting mediocrity.

These casualpreneurs tend to close their ‘venture’ very soon – they have no obligation to product/users and even to themselves – their life doesn’t depend on this – their credibility is not at stake.

I am not against trying, but am against calling those ‘casual’ ventures a startup. To me, it’s an insult to all those entrepreneurs who are taking the venture full time at the risk of personal/professional life (no matter how good/bad the venture is).

Let’s accept this – pluGGd.in is not a startup (even though the amount of effort/traction we receive is awesome) and so are all other entities who are running their ventures part time.

Let’s respect those who are ‘giving’ it all for what they believe in – I hope other entities who ‘romance’ these ‘casualpreneurs’ take note of this – ‘coz if you aren’t, you are just adding to the noise.

You are infact, hurting entrepreneurs because they need to steer through this ‘black’ noise created by damn stupid ‘casual’ media and such events.

And unfortunately, I witness whole lot of events/media articles talking about such ‘casualpreneurs’- they don’t seem to matter to me anymore.

And you?

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