Defying Startup Gyan: Pallav Nadhani On Fusioncharts Journey

Welcome to a new episode of NextBigWhat Radio!

In this episode, you will hear Pallav Nadhani, founder of FusionCharts, one of India’s longest running SaaS platforms.

The company has been profitable while being entirely bootstrapped since 2002 (!) and counts some of the top companies in the world, such as Facebook, Apple and Microsoft amongs its clientele.

The company has now been acquired by Idera and this is a great time to listen to this talk by Pallav given at UnPluggd Conference 2014, where he goes into the journey of bootstrapping, building a product in India, entrepreneurial lessons and much more.

Don’t miss this if you want to know how a tiny charting startup scaled into one of the top visualization solutions providers in the world!

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