Delhi Based 3.14 Digital to Incubate Coupon Site Zoutons; Invests $30k

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Delhi Based 3.14 Digital to Incubate Coupon Site Zoutons; Invests $30k

ZoutonsAffiliate Marketing company 3.14 digital has launched Zoutons, a coupon website that helps shoppers find deals online and invested $30k seed money in the business.

The 2.5 year old Delhi based company is incubating the Zoutons team, for which it has set aside the money.

Sahil Chalana, the founder of 3.14 digital said that the company which works as an affiliate marketer for customers like NIIT, Imperia and Foodpanda wants to exploring the couponing business as its existing capabilities gives them an advantage.

“We are one of the largest affiliate marketing network in India. We wanted to leverage that to create a B2C,” said Chalana.

But isn’t couponing a crowded space? Here’s a quick Q&A with Chalana.

What differentiates you?

1. Coupon quality: If you go to others, you won’t be able to find a lot of great brands. I agree that there are many couponing websites but they aren’t giving enough high quality users. We have a 6-7 people team who are just doing this. There were questions on if coupons sites will survive. But ultimately, couponing reduces customer acquisition costs. Even after all these years, Amazon offers coupons. That too in a very mature market like the US.

2. We are the only player to offer Bank loyalty discounts. We have around 30-35 banks. Banks usually give discounts to their card users. But when you go to an e-commerce site, you might miss them. On our site, you can look for bank wise discounts so that you don’t miss any offers.

3. We are working on mobile integration. Couponing will become a local business as it has become in the US. We also do some real time coupon syndication. Lot of couponing websites do this manually. We are trying to automate this.

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