Delhi based Trazor wants to replace your entire shaving kit with one device

Grooming products have seen something of a startup boom over the last few years. Startups like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, and more closer to home, Ustraa, have disrupted an industry dominated by legacy heavyweights for decades.

Delhi-based Trazor is working on an all-in-one trimmer and shaver that goes beyond typical ones as it combines both shaving gel and aftershave into the handle.

Two models are slated for the launch – Trazor Trim and Trazor Gel, and they claim both to be unisex with the ability to accept both men’s and women’s blades. They intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon. Keep an eye out for them!


Trazor was born as a result of everything that could be fixed with the current wet-shaving systems. The inspiration came from a Swiss Army Knife kept side by side with a shaving razor.
Trazor is the first shaving system in India which serves both as a shaving gel and aftershave, into the handle.


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