Delhi Buses gets smart with smart cards validators and auto fare collection system [Tech]

Cubic corp, US based company has launched smart cards for Delhi buses to enable auto fare collection systems and intelligent transportation system applications such as GPS-based vehicle tracking, passenger counting and security systems.

The smart card trial was started in November as part of the Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System (DIMTS), a joint initiative of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) and the Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) to deliver world-class urban transportation infrastructure for India’s capital region. The AFC technology for the pilot is based on the well-proven London Oyster Card and other implementations worldwide.

The Cubic system piloted in Delhi is based on contactless RFID technology – smart card-based fare collection systems offer a way to stem the losses and equipment maintenance costs that can occur with cash operations while offering the convenience of seamless, intermodal travel to passengers.

Smart card-based fare collection systems allow transit planners to track how many passengers are using a particular rail line, ferry, bus route or parking facility, ensuring existing resources are used wisely and also plan future expansion of services. Smart card systems are also a good way for local governments and private companies to provide transportation benefits to their workers. – details

Lets hope we get to see more of technology usage in public transport, which is dying for infrastructure upgrade.

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