This Is How Delhi Cops Are Implementing Ban On Uber [158 Cabs Seized In 24 Hours]

The Delhi transporation ministry has rejected the license of Uber and Ola citing legal violation issues and the transportation minister stated that they are working on a special plan to take action against banned taxi services in the capital.

Several teams will be formed to seize the taxis of such companies, said the minister.

The special plan is very simple.

Use the Uber app. Call the cab and seize it!

In the last 24 hours, the cops have caught 158 Uber cabs!

Who says cops aren’t tech savvy !

And by the way, will this make Uber launch autonomous self-driving cars in India (before US)? #justkidding!

Uber Automonous Vehicle
Uber Automonous Vehicle : Bring It ON!

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