Delhi has already the largest number of electric vehicles in public transportation, in the form of e-Rickshaws.

By the end of March, Delhi would have more than 80 electric vehicles fast charging stations, at public places and prominent parking places. These charging stations are meant for personal private vehicles.

Government has already started the work in this regard, though in the first phase of implementation, these stations would be able to charge only Tata Motors and Mahindra vehicles. A 15 minute charging top-up would be available for Rs.30. A full charge would take 90 minutes.

Prominent places like Khan Market and Lutyen’s Delhi are included in this grand design. Later on as more and more foreign auto-makers start rolling out their EV in India, these charging stations would be upgraded as per their standards.

The idea is to reduce the ‘range anxiety’ of drivers and thus promote the use of electric vehicles.
[Source: (ET)]


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