Breaking : Delhi Government Bans Uber


Breaking : Delhi Government Bans Uber

After the Delhi rape incident, Delhi government has now banned Uber and its services have been blacklisted.
“The services of Uber have been blacklisted. We have just issued an order saying Uber’s activities stand banned in Delhi. 
We will also be issuing a public notice saying Uber is not authorised to provide any taxi services in the capital so that customers are aware which are the authorised radio Cab services. Uber is not a authorised radio cab service and has been operating illegally,”
We have earlier mentioned how T&C (Terms and Conditions) of cab operators like Olacabs/TaxiForSure and others are NOT in favor of customers.
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  1. These creeps were just waiting for an excuse to ban Uber. Of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of rides, there was one (1) incident.
    Imagine how many rapes have happened in regular taxis? Are we banning them too?

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