Delhi High Court Orders to Block Google Docs and Several Other Websites

On a complaint filed by Sony, Delhi High Court has ordered the ISPs to block access to Google Docs, PirateBay.Se among several other streaming and file hosting websites.

If you are having trouble opening Google Docs, or Google Video or any other website for lately, you can blame Sony for that. Sony owned media company, Multi Screen Media filed a complaint against several websites that are illegally hosting or streaming the videos of the ongoing FIFA 2014 World Cup — the broadcast rights in India of which are reserved by Sony.


As a result of which, on 23rd June, Delhi High Court judge Justice V. Kameswar Rao ordered ISPs to block access to as many as 472 Websites. These websites include Google Docs, Google’s URL shortening service –, and several more.

As spotted by MediaNama, the list includes several illegal streaming websites as well as torrent search engines. We are able to confirm that BSNL blocked access to Google Docs and this past Saturday.

However, one could easily change the DNS settings to OpenDNS, or Google’s Public DNS or any other reliable service to gain the access to the aforementioned blocked websites including and especially Google Docs. Proxy tool didn’t seem to work in the case of Google Docs.

Blocking access to Google Docs is bonkers. It seems like the list of websites that were to be blocked was overlooked. It’s rather surprising that the ISPs have blocked Google Docs instead of Google Drive. As the latter, not the former could be used to store video files. Perhaps the old fellows aren’t aware that Google merged the Docs and its cloud service, and rebranded the whole as Google Drive a few months ago.

We believe that other ISPs will soon follow the order and block the websites. So get ready if you rely on Docs or any of the affected websites.

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