Delhites love to talk – boasts of 100% Mobile Penetration

Always knew that Delhites love to talk, but it’s quite surprising to notice that the city has a mobile tele-density of 109.9%, or has over 109 mobile connections for every 100 residents!

Delhi’s population stands at 17 million while there are 19 million mobile subscribers (as of October 2008 data)

“Delhi, which had about 19-million mobile subscribers as of October-end, also joins the global league of cities with over 100% mobile penetration such as London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Delhi’s telecom penetration would be much higher, if the landline figures are also taken into account. The Capital was the first Indian city where mobile services were launched in 1995.” – ET

Juntar Mantar of Mobile Penetration!
Juntar Mantar of Mobile Penetration!

What’s interesting to note is that 20% of Delhi’s population who are in the lower income bracket do not have a mobile connection – data is per subscription and not per household.

The important takeaway is the fact that mobile phone has hit the ceiling in urban areas (well almost!) and rural opportunity is the next wave to ride on.

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