GovTech : Delhi Police Launches WhatsApp Helpline; Kanpur Police Launches SOS Security App [bigMobility]

Delhi Police has launched a new anti-corruption helpline where one can send audio or video clips if any cop seeks bribe or harasses a person.govtech-india

Started on August 6th, the new helpline number, 9910641064 lets you not only just call and register your complaint but also send a recorded audio or video clip if any police man harasses a person or demands bribe.

“Once we get an audio or video clip, it will be checked at the Forensic Science Laboratory for its genuineness and once the authenticity is established, action will be taken against the errant policeman. So far we have got one genuine complaint and action is being taken in this regard,” said Pillai [source]

Kanpur police has launched SOS security app for women.

Any girl or woman, in event of any harassment or threat could just press the app icon on their phone and their location can then be traced instantly from the police control room.

Apart from the police control room, a person could alert four other numbers in the list, who would also be alerted, he said. The app was launched by a special team from Delhi and will start functioning within 15 days [source]


Given how government has aodted bigMobility (apps), isn’t there a huge opportunity in buildling such platforms (as-a-service) and manage the entire portfolio of government apps?

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