AAP Govt Announces Rs 2 Crores In Seed Fund For Startups / Ideas That Can Combat Delhi Pollution

The Delhi government will provide Rs 2 crore or more in seed fending to ‘promising’ startups/companies that can come up with sustainable ideas on pollution and environment control. The University of Chicago along with the Delhi Govt will be scanning for solutions and ideas to combat rising pollution in the city, said AAP in a tweet.

Delhi Pollution
Delhi Pollution (image credit: onearth.org)

The recent move came after Delhi’s pollution levels were declared ‘hazardous’, as the US embassy’s monitoring station recorded an air quality index of 372. The new appeal by the government could be a promising way out of all the criticism it received recently, after the media and the public thrashed the government for its inefficiency.

Delhi city surprisingly overtook Tokyo in terms of population; data suggests that the number has gone up to 25 million in 2014–doubled since 1990, says a report complied by the UN.