New subject in Delhi’s school to be happy about : “Happiness”

Under the aegis of Delhi Government and under the leadership of Education Minister, Mr.Manish Sisodia; Delhi schools have started a new class called “Happiness Class”, where the first half hour of each school day is spent without textbooks, learning through activities, stories and other exercises.

Children appeared enthusiastic when schools reopened this month . “We should work happily,” said 11-year-old Aayush Jha, a seventh-grader fresh out of his first happiness class at the Government Co-Ed Senior Secondary School in Chilla Village, in east Delhi. “When you work sadly, your work will not be good.”

“Why” of this story:
Learning transformed itself to education with the rise in institutions such as schools and colleges and it seems education has finally demised into merely a business. Nothing could be more stark than hundreds of politicians across the country running educational institutions, not for charity but for profit. With ever burdened curriculum and rising expectations of parents, children have been subjected to existence of robots.
The Perspective:
Right from catching a bus at 0630 AM to school bags which sometimes look like weighing more than the kid who is carrying it. From everyday antics piled on by educational institutions on the child and parent, under the garb of “all-round development”. From the peer-pressured-parents (PPP) who try to wash off their sins of not being able to spend enough time with their own children by enrolling them into the swankiest school, it is the small innocent child who is being emotionally killed slowly, everyday.
“What” of this story:
What would you go and ask for at your next Parent-Teacher meeting of your kid/nephew/niece?
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