Yahoo To Shut Down Delicious, Facebook Launches New Registration Tool

Yahoo is shutting down Delicious and while it could be your WTF moment for the day, you can look at Delicious alternatives or simply export your bookmarks and import the same in your browser.

Yahoo is also shutting down MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Picks, AltaVista, Yahoo! Bookmarks and Yahoo Buzz.

Now that Yahoo knows what’s non-core, can they define ‘what Yahoo is?’. Both MyBlogLog and Delicious had amazing potential- but Yahoo couldn’t move beyond the content mindset and hence no viable business plan for these products (Yahoo, can you please open source Delicious?)

Nexus S

Google has announced the availability of Nexus S (read our review of Nexus One)

“Nexus S is now available at Best Buy and Best Boy mobile stores for $529.99 unlocked (which means it will work on AT&T’s network) or $199.99 with a T-Mobile 2 year plan.”[via]

Facebook Launches New Registration Tool

Facebook has launched a new registration tool that gives website owners the ability to offer quick, easy and social options for sign-up.

It is an excellent alternative to using Facebook Login (formerly Facebook Connect) when:

  • you want to provide an option for users without Facebook accounts
  • your site needs additional information that Facebook doesn’t provide
  • a traditional HTML form suits your site more

How it works
The registration tool is an iframe that websites can add with just one line of code, and customize to request the specific fields required to create an account. When a user is logged into Facebook and arrives at the registration tool on a website, they’ll see that the form is prefilled with the relevant information he or she has already shared on their Facebook profile. Users can see the specific information the site is requesting of them, giving them more control to decide whether to sign up.[source]

Google Opens up App Inventor

Google has opened up its App Inventor, a DIY Android App service to everybody.

Watch this intro video

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