Dell and Google India Partner to Target Indian SMEs

A few moment after we wrote about the big big opportunity in Indian SME space, comes an announcement from Dell and Google on their partnership.

While Dell has launched tailor-made products for the SME sector, Google is extending its free advertising coupons (adwords) to Indian SMEs. Google has announced an initiative called JumpStart where Google will offer free expert support to help SMEs build an online advertising campaign.

SMEs will get Rs. 2.5K worth of adwords coupons (this isn’t the first time Google India is doing this) and they can register their website with the adword platform (look at this – all offline process to get them advertise online!).

The idea ofcourse is to catch them young and get them hooked onto online advertising. The company that loses out in the entire deal is ofcourse, Yahoo which has a real solution ‘Yahoo SmallBusiness’, but never cared to promote it beyound the full page ToI ads.

Recap from our earlier articles on SMEs

  • India has the second largest population of small and medium businesses (SMBs) among BRIC countries and the US.
  • SMEs in India contribute to more than 40% of the total Industrial Output (35% of it is exported).
  • SMEs Provides employment to 75% of India’s workforce.
  • In Karnataka alone, there are more than 750 Large to Medium Enterprises with investments of more than 60,000 Crores and employing 4,00,000 people.
  • In comparison, there are more than 3,80,000 SMEs with investments of just about 10,000 Crores while employing 22,00,000 people!
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