News Roundup: AOL’s Coolage Partners with IITs/IIMs, Dell Readies $1Bn Warchest for India buyout

Dell to strengthen IT business

Dell is on the prowl for an India acquisition worth up to $1 billion (Rs 5,000 crore), part of a strategy to bolster its information technology services business and compete better against the likes of IBM and Accenture.
The world’s third-largest computer maker wants to buy a mid-sized Indian tech firm with “several thousands of staff” and revenues of $500 million to $1 billion or even more [source]

Tomtom Launches Map Making Facility in Pune

Tomtom has opened its map making facility in Pune to introduce state-of-the-art standards for delivering fresh, accurate navigation content and routing intelligence to India.

CoolAge Partners with IITs/IIMs

CoolAge the online and mobile-web product launched by AOL for Indian colleges has entered into a long-term partnership with IIMs and IITs for being the online and mobile media partners for their respective college fests. As part of the partnership between AOL CoolAge and IIMs, IITs, AOL CoolAge will be conducting various events during the fests at the campuses such as blogging competitions, battle-of-bands, literary events, case studies and photo calls at their innovative kiosk. AOL will also provide its mobile and web platforms to these institutions to enable them to market etc.

Disney to take controlling stake in UTV

Disney announced on Tuesday it will take a controlling interest in India’s leading television producer, UTV, and delist the Indian media and entertainment group. UTV, which has interests from film and television to gaming and animation, has already acquired public shareholders’ approval to delist the company’s shares from Indian stock exchanges, after buying out the respective stakes.[source]

Telecom merger deals to be freed of spectrum transfer charge

In a bid to encourage consolidation in the sector, the Telecom Commission has decided against imposing a spectrum transfer charge on Merger and Acquisition deals. The Department of Telecom had earlier proposed imposing a fee akin to the duty paid to Government every time property changes hand. This was aimed at preventing fly-by-night players from making windfall gains by selling spectrum after taking it from the Government at below-market prices. [source]

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