Dell Launches Streak, iPad Rival [Can we have better battery life for regular laptops please?]

Today, Dell has announced its ambitious launch of iPad rival, Streak.

Dell’s Streak is half the size of iPad (5-inch), a touch screen tablet that will run the Android operating system and will be able to connect to wireless Internet and 3G cellular networks.

For now, the only 3G service provider signed up is O2, a British carrier. That means the Streak will go on sale in the U.K. first, in early June, and not in the U.S. until later this summer. A U.S. carrier has not yet been announced.Pricing also remains a mystery for now. Dell says O2 will announce that right before the Streak goes on sale next month. – source

Is Dell’s streak a competition to iPad or iPod Touch, only time will tell.


Coming back to the other part of this article’s title, I have been using Dell laptop for the last 13 months (i.e. 12 months of warranty + 1 month) and today is a special day. The battery refuses to charge and the only way out is to get a new one. Now. Or else it will shut down on me.

While Dell does all the magic innovation and takes on rival, HP and Apple, a few basic fixes will make entrepreneurs like me a happy customer.

Sorry, but couldn’t help writing about this, as all of this new new innovative product do not make sense when one cannot fix a basic utility in the product.

After my laptop experience, I’ll find it difficult to convince myself for a streak.

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