Demystifying Samsung Tablets For Consumers

Samsung has made a mark in the mobiles market. Irrespective of budget that one might have, Samsung has a mobile for you. In the tablets market though it seems the category defining device, Apple iPad is the leader. According to the feature score published by FindYogi*, Apple iPad 4 is one of the most high end tablets in the Indian market. And this is when the OS capabilities is not even accounted for. When you look at Samsung in the tablets market, it sells for for 2 reasons, affordability and the Android OS. Since media consumption on tablet is still a premium usage activity we are yet to see high demand from budget constraint audience.

This report takes a look at what Samsung has been upto in the tablets market. The report uses’s feature score as a benchmark. The Feature Score is an aggregate score that takes into consideration the technical specifications of the product as compared to max/min available in the market.

The Samsung Presence In Tablets:

Samsung has a total number of 20 tablets in the market out of which there are only 11 tablets which are currently on sale.

Samsung Tablets Price Distribution:

Samsung Tablet Price

Based on the above graph, Samsung seem to have capture the mid-to-high price segment but the segment below Rs.10,000 still has no products from Samsung. Micromax and Karbonn are major competitors here. This price segment mostly appeals to logistics and inventory management use cases and some bit of demand from students.

Features & Prices

Feature Price Samsung Tablets

When we compare the features of Samsung tablets against their prices, it is worth noting that Samsung does not sell any tablet below feature score of 65. The representation of the feature scores against their prices definitely throw up a few surprises with high some good tablets like the Galaxy Tab 3 T310 that is priced lower than other tablets from Samsung that are inferior in feature. The other surprise is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 which the most high end tablet from Samsung but priced at only about Rs.34,000.

Consumer Insights:

  • Samsung tablets are available in 3 sizes viz. 10.1 inch, 8 inch and 7 inch.
  • Consumers with an extremely short budget, largely in the sub Rs.10,000 range have no Samsung tablet in option.
  • While it is easy to get lost amongst the largely similar sounding Samsung tablets, the optimal buying reason for tablets from Samsung lie in the price range of 20000-30000 INR because the features in this range are best suited for everyday use.
  • It would be good to avoid the highest priced tablets from Samsung because the highest priced tablets do not offer features which reflect their high price margins.

Best Samsung Tablets To buy today:

Best Samsung Tablets To Buy

  1. Open budget – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 – 10.1 inch: If you have no budget constraints, this is the best tablet that Samsung has now. The price is justified for this 10.1 inch tablet that comes with 1.4Ghz Quad core processor, 16GB Storage and a 5MP camera.
  2. Mid Budget – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T310 – 8 inch: Priced at about Rs.20K this 8 inch tablet is just perfect for everyday needs. With 1.5GB of RAM, 1.5GHz Dual Core processor this tablet will gives a smooth experience for all apps.
  3. Low Budget – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T210 – 7 inch: This tablet comes with a smaller screen and without 3G support. Though, the other features are good enough for indoor usage. 8GB of storage, 1GB RAM and 1.2Ghz Dual core processor makes is a great value for money at around Rs.12.5K.

About the Author: Naman Sarawagi is the Founder & CEO of, a price comparison engine.

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