Fast bowling coaching goes online, Dennis Lillee to start online coaching for aspirant speedsters

Now aspiring fast bowlers even in remote locations can snap up bowling tips from legendary Australian speedster Dennis Lillee as he has decided to share his new coaching ideas with the masses through a project called ‘Dennis Lillee online coaching for fast bowling’. This will be the first online initiative for coaching in cricketing world, which is expected to kick-off from April next year. [source]

According to Lilliee he will use the software that will help him to analyse the predicament of the bowler by receiving his images on aspects such as run-up, bowling action and delivery of the ball and so on. Minute details will be examined, analysed and feedback will be provided.

In India, where cricket is nothing less than religion, the initiative will find many takers. The bowling legend will not be the first to use the internet and analytics to coach aspirants.  Sportsplan, a UK based multi sports discipline focused platform enabled players and coaches to pursue training and swap important tips to optimize their skill online. helps footballers across the world to have free soccer coaching drills and skills including free advices from Premier League Academy coaches such as Michael Biale and Tony Carr.

The online coaching will not be free as Lillee sees it as a business proposition, and is  also eyeing sponsors to support the ambitious coaching programmer.

This is an interesting development for e-learning in India and will probably create a lot of spin offs. Imagine taking online acting classes from the Big B? Dancing sessions with nene?