And Your Business Is Dependent on Cloud Services ?


And Your Business Is Dependent on Cloud Services ?

Two days back when one of our colleagues complained that he isn’t able to use Google doc, we all laughed and suggested him to go and see a doc!google-doc-inaccessible

Today, we got to know of Delhi court issuing orders to block several sites including Google docs.

This is a blanket ban on several domains, including Google Drive.

What does this really mean?

Like NextBigWhat, if your business relies on cloud services like Google Apps (Docs/Sheet etc), you are essentially dead. Your business comes to a standstill, unless you are taking backups and have a plan B ready. That is, every day you sync from cloud to your local system, ensuring that you also have offline software.

Ofcourse, this totally defeats the purpose of having a Plan A!

And these are the issues government needs to understand and setup policies/frameworks and processes for. There is no defined protection in the IT law and the courts are often clueless about these details – they take the easy route, i.e. block the entire domain and not a few pages (do judges understand the difference between the two?).

As an aside, the government has been mulling to have Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc setup servers in India as part of its anti-globalization drive.

Running your business on cloud is a nightmare in India because some babu/judge somewhere still doesnt’ understand the gory details and will (b)lock you out of your business. Agree that this doesn’t happen every day, but as of writing this, we have zero visibility into when Google docs will be available for access*.

For your knowledge sake, watch this great speech by Vishwa Bandhu, former IT secretary on Cloud computing.

* The workaround is to change the DNS setting to Google DNS, but that’s not the point of this piece!

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