Depression ? Tips from the one who battled it for 5 years and cured herself

I’ve battled seasonal depression for 4-5 consecutive years, and I’ve felt “cured” the last 2 years.

Here’s everything I’ve learned & lived by to enjoy fall/winter:

1/ Vitamins

I swear by these. Vitamin Bs & D. Don’t miss a day without them.

If you’re a woman, pro&pre-biotics and iron during your cycle makes a huge difference.

2/ Match the Sunlight

I switch my sleeping pattern to match the sun. I get up when the sun rises (6-7am) and I go to bed by midnight.

Let the sun in. Open your blinds. Wash your windows every 3-4 days for all the sunlight to come in.

3/ Avoid getting sick

This one is hard. So you have to fight for your joy & your health.

Take elderberry gummies, do salt water gargles and drink warm lemon water daily.

And, wear a mask b/c people are dirty. Wash your hands frequently, too.

4/ Feel the air

I jog the most in this season and at lunch time so it’s sunny.

A lot of people avoid going outside because it’s cold. Bundle up and walk for 10 mins. The air is a reminder you are alive.

Try not to complain about the weather. Instead match it with warm attire.

5/ Use your home

This is when your home should be your safe haven.

Invite friends over for community, try new home improvement projects, decorate your home, and use it to your advantage.

6/ Avoid boredom

This is when you need to discover hobbies. Coloring, painting & drawing improve mood.

Puzzles & word searches help stimulate your mind.

House plants. Flowers. Pilates. Sewing. Cooking. Skating. Bike-riding. Baking. Bartending. Pole-dancing.

Find you a hobby.

7/ Be around people

Accept invitations to hang out.

Host gatherings at your home.

Get an accountability partner.

Work out of coffee shops, bars, libraries and co-working spaces.
(You don’t even have to talk to people, just go)

8/ Shower & brush your teeth

Every single day. Make this your one productive task, the only goal if nothing else.

Get out the bed. Shower and brush your teeth

9/ Choose joy every day

This one is the most important. Find joy in everything. Joy is key to mindfulness.

Train your mind to practice gratitude & take your negative thoughts hostage.

10/ Easy meals

You don’t have to eat the healthiest but you need to eat, so get easy meals.

Frozen meals that can be microwaved are easiest. Next up is salads & smoothies.

If you can, order out once a week to relieve yourself of one extra responsibility.

Seasonal depression is rough.

Once you acknowledge that you want to feel good and you want to fight for your life/health, the above becomes easier.

Take care of yourself & connect with your fam/friends/therapist for additional support.

Sending you all the love💗

Muting this. A reminder if you don’t find this thread helpful, feel free to add your own successful solutions💗

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