Dept. of Science and Technology (DST) is Thinking… and its about Technology Startups this time!

Guess what? Department of Science and Technology (DST) , New Delhi has been running door-to-door, Startup to Startup to build a ‘representation’ of Technology Startups that would take on our collective needs and represent us to the government.

And in their own words its almost like bringing up the “Looms and Textiles industries of Ludhiana” in the next 25 years!

I personally, sat with them to understand what their vision, approach and look out is and this is all what we’ve got to say about it: “the effort seems really commendable!” .

They call it creating MSME Clusters – Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, clustered in a way to not only reduce resource and training overheads, but also to be represented by an Agent who carries our voice to the Government effectively.

To this effect, DST/Foundation for MSME is also organizing a brainstorming session on 11th July, 2009 3:00 PM (IST) with all Startups at the following venue:

  • Office of Foundation for MSME Clusters ,
  • Conference room, USO House, USO Road,
  • Off Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, 6,Special Institutional Area,
  • New Delhi – 110067

One Mr. Ranjan Singh of Foundation of MSME (the guys carrying out the project for DST) can be reached at sathiranjan[at]gmail[dot]com to know more about the session and its agenda. will be there to bring you all the nots & whats from the event. On the flip side however, the closing up of Govt. agencies on this seems to be limited to Delhi/NCR region alone. Now that seems a narrow beginning because for Web Technology Startups location based clustering is immaterial.

Indian Technology Startups are spread throughout the country, and even outside, each struggling in the same way as it true for the Delhites. So why shouldn’t we be talking about clustering Startups without the geographical encumbrances?

On the bright side of things however, are we really feeling the Winds of Change? Is the Government finally looking at Technology Startups, the alpha-crowd more seriously? Well we are quite upbeat about this.

– Marvin Danig (Arvind)

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