Design Experiments / And The Road Ahead

For us, products, startups & communities excite the most and that’s going to be the key focus going forward.

Well, you must have seen us experimenting with design. And while that’s irritating (for sure), let me share some backgrounder / perspective here.

The external experiments are a representation of experiments / struggle we have had internally. The most basic and important question : ‘Who Are We / Why Do We Exist’, which I believe every business needs to answer every day has kept us thinking about our roadmap / future plans.

Why did I start NextBigWhat (earlier

While startup and tech news is one (small) element, the bigger reason was always to create a community that helps/learns from each other. And importantly, a platform which curates and showcases some of the cool products / startups.

In the last 6 months or so, news took the priority – but that’s not something we are extremely happy about.

The Next/Big/What. Our raison d’ĂȘtre

We have modeled the design of on ‘intent’ of our audience. Some of you want to read news – some of you are deeply interested in ‘ProductGeeks’, an insight sharing platform while many have been asking for more opinion pieces/insights.

Each intent of course has its own design element and subtle differences.

Starting today, you will see us doing more of the following (apart from news coverage)

  • Product Showcases (#takeoff) : Amazing products, not just from India – but across the globe. 3 per day is how we are starting off with.
  • Community : We have had an extremely active community (and thanks to the several *breaking hacks* over there, we used to receive a lot of take down notices) and over the last few months, we went slow in the community activation part.Not anymore. We are bringing back the community features starting this week (with a different taste/experience).
    After all, the ecosystem talks need to go beyond ‘funding’ !
  • Opinions/Analysis: From Industry DOERs and practitioners.

For us, products, startups & communities excite the most and that’s going to be the key focus going forward.

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  1. News for me mostly begins and ends with the headlines :).
    Always loved for its analysis and opinions. I will look forward to more of that. I think the new design/layout will surely help readers like me.

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