Designing Mobile Phone for Rural India – The ‘Steampunk’ Approach

AdaptivePath conducted a study around the mobile phone usage habits of rural India users and has some interesting findings to share:

  • many non-literate research participants ignored the screen when using mobile phone.
  • Rural users would leverage their spatial memory and gestures by memorizing patterns (i.e., pressing a button three times, remembering the patterns of numbers) or ask for assistance in dialing a number from a family member.

In short, most of the mobile devices sold in India were actually made for Urban/Western users and pose a usability challenge for rural users.

Typical rural users rhyme with devices that have strong physical interfaces (for instance, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles etc) and hence, Adaptivepath came up with a design that makes a mobile look ‘hacked’ (and not sleek)

AdaptivePath researcher suggests following features/functionalities that are most needed:

  • Calling
  • Texting (using voice to text or with assistance)
  • Music
  • Camera* (desired)
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Airtime
  • Battery Level

Each function maps to a single button and contains buttons like start/stop/scroll wheel (inspiration from radio) and this is how the phone looks like (they call it steampunk owing to it’s physical interface):

What’s your opinion on this approach? Share your thoughts.

Read AdaptivePath’s blog entry.

Also watch this video on Adaptivepath’s suggestion to help illiterate save contact information (QR codes).

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