Produle – Design/Publish/Share Interactive Flash Applications

If you ever thought that creating flash apps is a big deal, you are probably not alone. Apart from the learning curve involved, most of the desktop tools are ‘pro’ centric and surely a need for SaaS based platforms.

Produle lets you create/share and design your flash apps using a feature rich editor – and most importantly, without any knowledge of coding/flash.

While the concept may sound similar to Toufee, Produle’s fully featured editor, support for different element types, and built in data support are a definite differentiator (check out some of the sample apps).

A simple ball animation – from produle on Vimeo.

The service, in it’s current form doesn’t allow one to create application. So if you want to try out Produle, play with the apps present in the system.

What feedback do you have for the team?

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