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Design Chords is an online Marketplace for all your design needs ranging from Logo to Twitter background and packaging etc. For SMEs who cannot afford to go for agency work this a boon. Also for freelancers this is another place to hunt for work.Design Chords

The process is simple as any other market place.
1. Post your project detailing about your brand, target audience and deliverables and set a price for it. DC charges a service fee of 15% on the set price. (No project cost for non-profits.)
2. Designers from anywhere can participate and submit designs.
3. Select a design, review it, get feedback and ask for the final files.
4. You get the designs. Winning designer gets the set price.

Idea wise this is nothing new. While international marketplace like CrowdSpring already has a great community of designers, Indian startup JadeMagnet (earlier Creadivity) is also trying to solve the same pain point.

One problem i see with such market place is that you participate only once you have finished the assignment but that does not mean you will get paid as there are many other competing. Though for the good designers it works well as they don’t have to lower their bids to pennies in order to win a project.

Few tips to the founders:

1. The site needs a little work. At times the form color look as if the fields are disabled. Also, i was allowed to post a project with a past date.

2. Payment is accepted only through Paypal. Though that allows credit card but you will have to introduce netbanking/cheque payment if you are any day thinking to target the Indian audience. Even Google Adwords had to do so. Netbanking is costly to introduce and Cheque payment needs human involvement so this is certainly a tough call.

3. You are creating a community so you will have to work hard on seeding initial content. Get some good, high rewarding projects to attract the designers and get some good designers to post designs on every project. A good set of designs on previous projects will help in building buyer’s trust.

4. Have a minimum guarantee policy. CrowdSpring returns full money if a project gets less than 25 entries. Such policies help build trust and removes friction from trial usage.

Startups, do give DC a spin for your design needs.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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