Designers, here’s a better way to manage your image library


Designers, here’s a better way to manage your image library

Designers, and even those who casually venture into design every now and then, are dealing with growing image libraries on their computers. And no OS really offers an intuitive way of navigating through them in the manner that designers need i.e by color, theme etc. Eagle, a Taiwan based startup, seeks to solve this issue by providing a desktop tool that offers quite a lot. This includes smart search but also the ability to save images on to the desktop via browser extensions and easy screenshot captures. 


Eagle helps you manage pictures, screenshots, and designs that make your lightbulb shine.

Eagle is an application made for designers to manage their inspirations and the many images they usually keep, its just like a image version of Evernote!


TaiPei, Taiwan

About the founding team:

Augus Chen – Eagle CEO

Currently an independent developer focusing on developing designer-related productivity tools.

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