DeskAway Launches Social Tasks- Get Your Friends To Do Your Work


There is no better way to GTD (Getting Things Done) than by involving your friends to help you with the task.

SAAS based Project management startup, DeskAway has launched Social Tasks that lets you share your tasks from your Task list with your friends on Facebook and your followers on Twitter.


That is, you can now simply ask your followers on Twitter/ friends on Facebook to provide feedback on your current task (be it design/coding etc).

To share the task click ‘Share’ and choose your Social network. The system will generate a short URL and redirect you to ‘Tweet’ page on Twitter or ‘Share Link on Facebook’ depending on the social network you select. The shortened URL will lead people back to the Social Task page on DeskAway. People wanting to leave a comment will need to login either via Twitter or Facebook. After a  successful authentication, the user will be redirected back to the Social Task page, where the user can add comments to your task. (via)

The last step, i.e. leading people back to social task page doesn’t appeal so much, as its just a quick feedback that people want to share with others and bringing logging page simply creates an entry barrier to use the service (ideally, they could have just fetched the replies from Tw/Fb, but technically that’s an API nightmare).

Having said that, the beauty of such features is that they help increase the reach and awareness of your product, without any marketing overhead.

What’s your take?

Guest posts by Sahil Parikh, DeskAway founder:

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