NComputing has announced that it will soon launch USB-connected virtual desktop, U170 in India.

U170 model plugs into a computer’s USB 2.0 port, and with vSpace, enables additional users to share that computer (enables up to 10 PC sharing).

India offers second highest potential market after US in the desktop virtualization domain. With the launch of U170, the plug-and-play computing solution will optimize and expand the performance of existing computers. Organizations, schools, colleges and institutions will benefit from the ability to increase their productivity whilst driving down costs.

The U170 draws only 2 watts of electricity and is powered through the USB cable, so it does not require a separate power adapter. Multiple U170’s can be connected to a computer either directly or through a USB hub. Each U170 is priced under $99 (varies by region), and will be available before year end.

NComputing U170 Demo


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