GharKamai for The Desperate Housewives! (Updated)

In our society, it is so acceptable and understandable to see a highly educated woman settling down as a home-maker raising kids, watching TV soaps, cooking great food etc. Scarcely does one (read men) understand what it feels like when a girl who was taught to become a professional since childhood is forced to become a housewife. Sshhh, and does anyone even know the loss that the country incurs by depriving such a large population of skilled manpower from work.

Well, here is an all-woman start-up looking forward to change all that. Gharkamai leverages the power of the internet to reach the disconnected womanpower sitting in their homes. Co-founded by Maneesha Sarin & Kachina Chawla who bootstrapped the startup, GharKamai already connects with over a 1000 woman professionals and about 500 hundred businesses.

The great thing about their project is that every applicant (manpower) is screened and her references are checked before being allowed to access the business projects or clientele. This ensures quality of the manpower, albeit at a cost of low sign up rate.

While the process of making money by GharKamai is not clear on the website, but such businesses have great potential to charge a commission on every client-to-worker hit. Just like any other jobs portal. The offering is comparable to ODesk, RentaCoder or Elance except that this one is meant particularly for women.

Well here is some feedback for the GharKamai guys (nee gals). Publicity through an all-woman channel such as Meow Radio FM, partnerships with women colleges/institutes and some amount of screening of Business Houses also will do you good. You can also adopt a ratings/performance based model to help each side learn more about the other. Last but not the least, have a small video-tour on the website to explain a new-comer as to how your portal works.

So readers (particularly gals) do give the GharKamai a spin. And guys out there!! Do not forget to inform your wives/girlfriends about it too 🙂

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