Develop Gaming Apps in 5 Minutes with Game Builder, No Coding Required

Appy Pie, a cloud-technology company, has opened its product Game Builder to the public. Game Builder is an application that lets you build games easy and fast.

The Do-it-yourself game just takes about 5 minutes! As you enter the Game Builder tool, you are asked to select the game type from 6 choices: Court Basket, Tic Tac Toe, Shooter, Tweetfly, Jackpot Casino and Unblock Boxy.


Once you choose the type, you are asked to enter the Game Info which includes the name of your game and the description. At the next stage, you should provide the settings detail of the game being created. For example, if you have selected the shooter game type, you would be asked to select the type of shooter gun, enemies to shoot at and the background or the theme.Once the settings are given, you can publish the game in Android or iOs or both. A good thing is that you need to login or signup only when you are about to publish. Users can also publish their games in Appy Pie’s Game Arcade for instant testing.

You dont have to worry about rejection if the quality of your game is low. No matter what, Appy Pie will upload your game to their servers. The company had raised $10,000 from Kickstarter in August 2013 for the same project.

Monetize it

Since the beta launch in January 2014, over 500 games have been published. Once your game is published in Android and iOS, you can monetize it using iAds and Admob. For this, you need to avail one of the subscription packages of the company, namely basic, free, gold and platinum packages. Depending on the package chosen, you have option to use app analytics, app monetization tools, add to market place and various other benefits.

The Game Builder tool has a fun element to it that it can transform everybody into a game developer. For people intending to pursue a career in it, it is a platform for practice and also can check how well your trial models are received. You might even end up making an amateur plan for a good future game!

Well, we’ll look forward to seeing more of “Flappy bird” like games as the application is mostly used by beginners.

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