Developers Can Now Respond to User Reviews on Play Store & Google Combines Storage Space

GoogleWhile Google I/O, Google’s developer conference gets underway only tomorrow, the search giant has already started opening its bag of goodies. Firstly, now all Android developers will be allowed to reply to reviews in the Play Store, and Secondly, Google has unified free storage space in Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos to 15GB.

Google Play now let’s developers respond to user reviews on Play Store

While this feature was introduced last June, Google has been slowly rolling it out to developers. Now Google has announced on its blog, that all developers will be able to respond  to user reviews. The blog posts also describes about identifying and prioritizing bugs based on user feedback and also getting ideas from users about the addition of new features.

This move by Google will go a long way in helping relations between those who build mobile apps and their customers.  Developers can reply to user reviews in the Google Play Developer Console, and the replies will be shown publicly below the corresponding user review on Google Play. This will help others users who have similar problems. Users will also receive an email notification when the developers reply.

 Google combines Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos storage

Google has announced that from now on, there won’t be any separate storage limitations for products like Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photos. You will now get 15GB of total free space, which will be shared among the three services.

This was announced by Google in a blog post which said.  “Instead of having 10 GB for Gmail and another 5 GB for Drive and Google+ Photos, you’ll now get 15 GB of unified storage for free to use as you like between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.”

Google is also making updates to the Google Drive storage page, so that users will have a clearer idea on how the storage is being used across Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.

This is great news for many users, who need more space for one particular Google property and don’t use the other Google product that much. The new storage rules will be slowly rolling out to all users in the upcoming weeks, so it might take some time before it reaches you.

Google also announced that enterprise users will be getting 30 GB of unified storage to use across Google Drive and Gmail. Files created in Docs, Sheets and Slides won’t count against the storage quota. Storage will also be shared with photos uploaded to Google+ larger than 2048px.

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