Developing Solutions for Non English users: Meet Reverie team @ProductGeeks Conf

Bharat presents a huge opportunity and is the NextBigWhat for companies who are trying to win the Indian market.
This year India crossed the 400 million internet user mark. Most of the new users are not English speaking users – which means the very fundamental definition of Internet needs a new look now.
At ProductGeeks Conf, Rishi from Reverie will share insights on developing solutions and products for non-English users which takes into account online journey for first-time internet users and the hurdles that users face at each stage.

Rishi has authored several path-breaking and first-ever industry reports such as Smartphone Incidence Report in India, Mobile Internet Consumer Report across 21 countries, Smartphone User Persona Report across 5 countries, Developer’s Compass to the App Galaxy – India.

Date: April 14th (Bangalore)
Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
Discount Code: Use the discount code “NEXTBIGWHAT”

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