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After the PC revolution, the next revolution is supposed to be in the space of "things" where daily and household appliances and "things" will talk to each other. Aspects of…

After the PC revolution, the next revolution is supposed to be in the space of "things" where daily and household appliances and "things" will talk to each other. Aspects of this are referred to as the Internet of things or as Ambient intelligence.

NextBiT computing, a startup based out of Bangalore (apart from offices in Japan, Dubai, Singapore and Chennai) and earlier covered at develops and provide completes product designs, IP and solutions for next generation audio, video and consumer devices. They specialise around multimedia systems, content management, streaming, broadcast and rights management software. nextbit

Their solutions are extremely valuable for devices like IP TV, Set Top Boxes, TV Video Phone Set Top Box, Digital Signage Media Players etc and they also have offerings around cloud computing.

A few of their "featured" software shows up interesting products like MaxCE which is for consumer electronic devices.They have variants of the program for video on demand, pay per view, digital music, DVR and DRM.

The other featured product is "RePlayD" – which, as the name suggests, is a software solution to pause, rewind and fast forward streaming media – especially TV related content. It also has several added features to cover needs that might arise out of bandwidth / disconnection etc.

In case you are wondering why they have offices in Japan, Dubai and Singapore, we suspect that most of the clients for such offerings should be companies which will white-label these applications and sell it as their own products. The first feeling is that these products are pretty much tailor-made for white labelling which I guess is their business model anyways. In a statement one of their execs adds – "When a customer comes to NextBiT with his requirement, he can expect that the product he is looking for is already available with NextBiT in a more or less complete form." – pretty much saying that in different words.

The company offers following solutions:

  • Reference Hardware solutions
  • NemaSys™ – System Software Library suite
  • NeMAD AVPE™ – Audio Video Processing Engine
  • Multimedia Standards Compliance Solutions
  • SaVaGe UIK™
  • MaxCE Suite™

This space is one where we think there is scope for huge advancement. While they have a robust model where they earn by the millions for every instantiation of their product, we would be very interested in looking at their innovation and next steps. That is where the difference is between a great company and a good one.

What do you think? What is the future of such innovative new companies – and how can NextBiT make it to the next level?

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