@Startup updates: Dhingana wins best OpenSocial App Award, Jivox’s new Version..and more

Recently, Google sponsored and hosted 2-day event on Feb 19th weekend called WeekendApps on Opensocial development for developers and entrepreneurs.

Dhingana team developed their opensocial app (link) over the weekend and was judged the best OpenSocial App. The app allow users to discover music with their friends using the rich orkut social graph

  • Send musical scraps to their friends
  • Dedicate songs or playlists to their friends
  • Create and share playlists (will be released in 1 week)
  • Search for songs and maintain the musical history for all users.
  • Mine all the musical data, from all orkut users and display the most heard songs and playlists on the application home page –

  – More details

Jivox Launhes 4.0 Version

Jivox has launched 4.0 version of it’s online video advertising platform. Jivox 4.0 delivers click-to-action interactivity features that encourage viewers to take action without leaving a video.

Click-to-Action Interactivity:
New interactivity features from Jivox encourage viewers to take immediate action without leaving a video, facilitating direct interaction between consumers and an advertiser. When a viewer clicks the Interactivity icon, the video is paused and the click-to-action features are presented as an overlay to the video. Interactivity options include:

  • Download a coupon: Downloads a coupon or document provided by the advertiser
  • Request information via email: Submits a request to the advertiser to respond with product or service information.
  • Email to a friend: Shares the video via email by inputting senders email address and recipients’ email addresses.
  • Embed this ad on a web site: Displays an embed tag that enables the video to be embedded in a website or blog.
  • Share information via SMS: Advertiser contact information is sent via SMS by entering a mobile phone number.

– More details

Yoplr opens up for public beta

Yoplr (review) is now open for public beta.

Few salient updates on the new versionL
1. Added Andaman Nicobar, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep and some parts of Kerala.
2. Statewise classification when you specify your travel preferences
3. Navigation bar introduced which keeps a track of your discovery process when you discover different places
– More details

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