Dhingana – Social Networking for the Musical Soul

Dhingana is a social platform around entertainment with music as it’s backbone – i.e. social network built around the musical context.dhingana

Dhingana has a set of cool features that increases stickiness to the product, for e.g. one can create a smartlist of songs and share with friends (look at this party time collection), create/share musical greetings, and most importantly, 360widget, which enables one to embed songs/smartlist to one’s site/blog/iGoogle page.

Dhingana, though looks like inspired from imeem has very neatly implemented the features ‘and the site is already seen around 500 blogs using their widgets.

Here is a quick QnA with Dhingana team – on their revenue model and licensing related issues:

Q: MingleBox had some issues regarding user-generated playlists (read this discussion) on the license bought from soundbuzz. What about Dhingana?

A: We have secured licenses for streaming Indian music. Our licenses does not cover song downloading at this point.

Q:How do you plan to monetize the service?

A: Though we have a few interesting revenue models planned for the future, as of now, it is Internet Advertising. We offer CPM based advertising inventory as well as ‘Exclusive Sponsors’ ads for advertisers.

dhingana widget

Dhingana’s streaming is quite good and the site, apart from Bollywood music, also offers regional music (tamil,marathi, punjabi ).

Dhingana is a good example of product packaging and enabling users to have fun with a tool (for e.g. I liked their mgreeting concept); and I do suggest the team to build a FB and Orkut apps asap.

What’s your take? Do you find the name sticky?

Share your opinion.

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