Dial2verify Brings Missed Call Based Alternative to Captcha & OTP

Missed call marketing has become popular thanks to Zipdial, which started selling the concept of using missed calls to market products or verify customers. A new startup, Dial2Verify, is hoping to take a crack at the market. Their solution can be used to verify signups, generate leads, authorize transactions and validate user identity for cash on delivery e-commerce.

Dial2verify Flow
Image: Dial2verify

Rahul Am, the co-founder & CTO of Dial2Verify says that although the service offered by the startup might look similar to that of its larger competitors, it is has a more flexible programming interface. Dial2verify is also cheaper, he said.

The platform also supports international numbers for verification and has a unified programming interface. Leads can be captured when a prospective customer gives a missed call to your number. The platform can log the customers number to a CRM, e-mail, remote url or an sms. With only one line of additional coding, integration is also easy, he added. Dial2verify, which was launched in May, has a few dozens of customers already.

The startup has an interesting story behind it. When Rahul moved to Bangalore for a project last year, he noticed the frustration around the traffic problem in the city. He thought of carpooling but not too many people trust strangers to share vehicles with. To solve this problem, a verification system using missed calls was developed. The prototype worked and the idea of a starting up came about.


Dial2verify will have to compete with larger rivals such as Zipdial and others such as Mobango, Ziffy, Onering. While Zipdial has been trying to patent “service triggering by call attempt,” some of its claims in the patent application have been rejected on the grounds of not being novel. (ZipDial is in the middle of patent application process response).

If you are looking for missed call based services, give Dial2verify a spin and let us know what you think.

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