Did You Know That You CANNOT Link to RBI Website Without Written Permission? [Super Hilarious]

Okay. This is quite hilarious.

RBI has almost killed Paypal in India, and while both the parties are to be blamed for the situation, we just found out that one cannot link back to RBI website without their permission and if you do, you have to notify RBI in writing! [that you are sending them a link love!]

From RBI’s disclaimer page [we find it difficult to send snail mails (snails went out for shopping last year and haven’t come back), so no link : http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/disclaimer.aspx%5D.

Few ‘insightful’ points are highlighted.

Links to this Web Site from other web sites

Except as set forth below, caching and links to, and the framing of this Web Site or any of the contents are prohibited.

Linking to the Home Page – You may link to the Home Page of this Web Site, http://www.rbi.org.in upon notifying RBI in writing.

For hyper-Linking to an internal page of this Web Site (not being the Home Page) the user must make a specific request for, and secure permission from RBI prior to hyper-linking to, or framing, this Web Site or any of the contents, or engaging in similar activities. RBI reserves the right to impose conditions when permitting any hyper-linking to, or framing of this Web Site or any of the contents.

Linking to, or framing of this Web Site or any of the contents constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions of Use. This is deemed to be the case even after the posting of any changes or modifications to these Terms & Conditions of Use. If these Terms & Conditions of Use are not acceptable to the user, he should discontinue linking to or framing of this Web Site or any of the contents.

RBI reserves all rights to disable any links to, or frames of any site containing inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topics, names, material or information, or material or information that violates any written law, any applicable intellectual property, proprietary, privacy or publicity rights.

RBI reserves the right to disable any unauthorised links or frames and disclaims any responsibility for the content available on any other site reached by links to or from this Web Site or any of the contents.

And all this, when the RBI governor is a IIT/MIT alumnus!

[We hope its alright to send a hyperlink to RBI’s page on Wikipedia, without any written permission]

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