Diditz : Lifestream your experience on the coolest feats, happening events or amazing places

Life streaming is turning a hot segment and the latest to join the bandwagon is Diditz.

DidItz, unlike the other life stream players, is playing a vertical game of experiences with regards to places and events one has been to.

‘Diditz is a place to share your experiences about the coolest feats, happening events or amazing places you’ve been a part of: Your Did-its!
Use blogs, photographs or videos to share your incredible experiences, and discover other user’s experiences about things you are passionate about. So be it your first skydiving experience, the rock concert you attended last weekend or a college football game share it with the world and get popular!.’
Once you signin (the product is in private alpha stage), you can share your experiences of a cool place/event by adding description, location, photographs etc (people can vote up/down).

DidItz is a lot more than streaming – it’s collecting whole lot of data/media about a place and is doing it in a very interesting manner.

Do give Diditz a spin and share your comments.

The product is in private alpha stage (if you need an invite, send an email to webmaster @ diditz.com)

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