Difference between LLP and Pvt Ltd company in India

Which company should you register — LLP Vs Pvt Ltd Company? In this episode, the eLagaan team discusses various factors to consider while choosing between “Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)” OR Vs “Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd. Company)”.

The video discusses the advantages & disadvantages of the two forms of business. It talks about various factors that you should consider including who is your partner, do you want to offer shares, do you want to get venture funding or private funding, are you an NRI or will have NRI partners?. It discusses impact on company brand, Small business vs if you want to go public. It also touches upon pass-through taxation & gives few scenarios where you can incorporate your LLP vs Pvt Ltd Company in India. Also note that as it stands today you cannot convert your LLP company to a Pvt. Ltd. Company. Hence it is best advised to choose the right business structure/form from day one.

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