DigiCollect-GIS Wants To Simplify Geographical Data Collection & Visualisation

Bangalore based startup DigiCollect-GIS uses mobile data collection, cloud computing and locational intelligence to aid businesses in make location intelligent decisions.

In today’s world every point on the earth can be geotagged using your GPS enabled mobile device, whether it be simply tagging a photograph for reference or finding a locations on a map. This technology can also come in real handy for visualising data on a map, especially in the case of research or surveys.

Bangalore based startup DigiCollect-GIS uses mobile data collection, cloud computing and location intelligence to aid businesses in make decisions.

The company says that it uses technologies ranging from Remote sensing, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning System), GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) etc to provide location based intelligence to organizations.Digicollect GIS UnPluggd

Their product, DigiCollect, is a customizable mobile data collection application that uses GIS visualisation for task such as data collection or surveys. Customers can collect data in different formats, deploy projects to remote teams using cloud services and monitor progress of work in real-time using a centralized cloud service.

The data can be collected in the form of text, image, numeric, location, barcode, audio or video using smartphones or tablets, and this data will automatically be tagged with its geo locations. The app reduces the need to carry multiple devices to collate various types of data as today smartphones are capable of capturing different types of data.

The service also allows surveyed data to be uploaded from the field via a 2G or 3G network, which can be accessed in real time and later be exported as reports in different file formats, such as csv, pdf, xml, word. The data will remain safe from being misplaced or lost as it is transferred and stored in secure cloud servers.

A solution like this can come in handy for segments like the construction industry, where customers need to map and manage assets and for property valuation. Government departments or other similar organisations can conduct surveys and data collection at remote locations, eliminating the requirement for manual data entry to computer later on to generate reports.

The startup launched at the winter edition of UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference.

Watch DigiCollect-GIS launch at UnPluggd

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Here’s what Venugopal the co-founder of DigiCollect- GIS had to say about his experience at UnPluggd

Pitching at UnPluggd has definitely improved our visibility. We have got inquires from people who witnessed the event through the live telecast. Other biggest takeaway from the event for young entrepreneurs like us is the knowledge and learning we got from other successful entrepreneurs.

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