Digital Marketing Firm Sokrati Launches personaAds, A Great Way to Target Ads With Social Intelligence

Digital marketing and analytics company Sokrati has launched personaAds, a platform on which advertisers can understand their customers better using social information and rapidly deliver tailored advertisements.

With personaAds, an advertiser can create tailor made ads for the audience based on the persona of the audience. Personas are derived from the Facebook and online information. It can be used to clearly gauge how online shoppers respond to different messages, products, design, prices and brands.

The platform identifies audience personas for the advertisers business and generates ads based on products & services that are being sold. Sokrati has developed a library of personas. Using data from Facebook, end users are categorised into the relevant persona and ads that work most for those personas are served. Sokrati 1

“Current online ads are based only on demographics. But for ads to be more effective, you should know the softer picture of a person,” said Rahul Kulkarni, the Chief Product Officer at Sokrati. What if you could identify someone as a young female working professional who has just been promoted, asks Kulkarni. “Lot of this data is available online and we put it together. We identify these personas and generate ads with our ad factory,” he added.

Large networks like Facebook & LinkedIn also give you great targeting options. But where this really makes a difference is that it comes with Ad Factory, that can be used to quickly create and push ads. Its reporting features also help customers understand what ads are working and what are not. It’s like A/B testing for advertisements. Sokrati 2

The solution is priced on a commission basis, depending on the ad spend of a customer.

The company, founded by ex amazon employees raised Series A funding from Inventus Capital in 2011.  It currently employs 80 people. Sokrati personaAds is now available as a part of a closed-door beta program. You can sign up for a trial here.

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