No Social Networking/External Email access for Indian Diplomats

Indian government earlier asked it’s employees to not use Yahoo/Gmail accounts citing lack of control over these email servers as the reason.

And now, the government has upped the ban by blocking social networks, external email services, picture sharing sites for diplomats and has overhauled its computer network to fend off any kind of security attacks.

“There are almost 600 computers at its headquarters at South Block, about half of which are connected to the Internet. Classified work is typically done on stand-alone computers, usually with the external drives removed.

We have set up a unified threat management system for the ministry. This simultaneously uses eight levels of protection like firewalls and spam mail filtering. ” – source

Well, this is not so surprising – many corporate too have done the same. Given that many diplomats aren’t too tech savvy to understand the security aspects of data, I guess this is a good decision.

The Opportunity

NIC’s email system needs an overhaul and there lies an opportunity for Rediff/Sify/Indian companies to sell their ‘made/hosted in India’ service (this is an opportunity which Yahoo/Google/MSN of the world cannot cash upon).

The bigger question is whether Indian companies really boast of a robust system to meet government requirements?

What’s your opinion?

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