Directions for this temple- None. Coz it’s on the Internet. Only

We live in an age where religious places getting accentuated with virtual-extensions and complementary-interfaces do not come as a surprise anymore. Yet, Higishi-ji will catch your eye as a truly-digital temple that was started to connect Buddhism and one’s affinity, where anyone can talk and share their own Buddhism freely.
Founder Shigeru Matsumoto, both a postmodern monk and a MBA-degree holder from the University of Hyderabad started this temple that exists in the Internet.
Since 2003 the Higanjyo temple enables people to talk about each Buddhism, share together, disseminate Buddhism, hear Buddhist teachings; irrespective of sects.
It is about a strange “Buddha mind” that you do not know where to meet and when.
The idea is: “Talk about Buddhism and make a place where many people can sprout Buddha’s minds by doing it together”
If only we could tap more of technology to come together for the right paths.