Announcing! – The Directory of Indian Startups

Got too many requests for this – right from VCs to M & A folks, to startups – everybody felt a strong need for indian startup directory!

So, ladies and gentlemen – here is presenting the big bang directory showcasing Indian technology startups.

The directory is far from being complete – so far, we have added close to ~20% of the entire startup data that we have.

And here is where I need your help – if you are a startup or know startups, please help spread the word.

Please ask the founding team to add their venture details to the directory (i.e. fill this form, takes only 5 minutes) – there are subtle information that I’d like founders to fill-in.

What’s next?
Mashups! More interactivity!
We will play with the data and bring in more useful insights to you.


The game begins!

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